Friday, February 25, 2011


10 things that make me happy are:

1-Using complicated words incorrectly and seeing people nod as if they know what I'm talking about. I've decided they either don't know any better or they can just read between the lines and know what I mean despite everything.
2-Playing sentimental games from my childhood. Music from Zelda kind of makes me want to cry sometimes.
3-Validation/Hearing someone tell me exactly what I need to hear. Whenever I feel like I'm not doing as good a job as I should, someone invariably comments in such a way that I'm able to figure out where I stand.
4-Laying in bed late at night listening to enya on my ipod. Love. Especially if I just showered. Clean, comfortable, warm, awesome.
5-Finally finding time to do things with friends. It always seems like a hassle and such a time consuming task, but when I actually do it it's so simple and fun that I wonder why I don't do it more often.
6-Getting a lot of really small things crossed off my to-do list that have been nagging at me for weeks.
7-Figuring out what path I need to take. Whether it's with school, work, dealing with a problem, or with friends, it's always a relief to figure something out and feel good about a decision.
8-Feeling prepared for something. I hardly ever am, but when I am it's fantastic.
9-Music. All of it. Love it. Want to eat it, occasionally do. What?
10-Randomly friendly people. While it may be incredibly awkward to have a complete stranger walk up to you and say something that seems totally arbitrary, it almost always makes me smile. People who are confident enough with themselves to interact in a positive way with those they don't know make me incredibly hopeful for mankind.

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