Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's What You Need

10 things that I love about my family are:

1-That they are just as weird as I am.
2-That we are all good at different things and complement each other's personalities.
3-That we all have a good time playing board games for hours on end.
4-That we can go on a vacation and have just as much fun spending time with each other as we could sight-seeing and going out every day.
5-That we are almost all the same age mentally, haha.
6-That I will always have a place to go no matter what happens or what choices I make.
7-That I will always have people to turn to when I'm upset, even if it's just by phone.
8-That I will forever know that someone out there thinks the same way I do.
9-That I can learn from their mistakes, as well as my own.
10-That I will have these people in my life forever.

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