Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tron: Where Love and Escape Do Not Compute

What self-respecting nerd from the 80s does not have this poster hanging in their room? Now I'm not actually speaking from experience as I'm totally a child of the 90s, but come on. This is right up there with Dune. Even Chuck's got one (if you can see it over on the left side).

After seeing the previews for the new Tron movie I was pretty freaking excited. Went with some friends to the midnight showing of it and to be honest, it was a really cool movie. Not epic like I'd hoped, but good nonetheless. What I understand now that I didn't realize before seeing the movie is that it is in large part a sequel. You don't actually have to see the original as they explain all the necessary points, but I would like to see it regardless. The main character from the first movie - Flynn - is in the new movie as the father and is played by the same actor. Quite clever of them if I do say so myself.

I tried to see the original 1982 version before seeing the new one, but apparently Disney has locked it up in the vault. My theory is that they're waiting for everyone to see this new one first because they don't want anyone to be put off by the terrible graphics of the first movie. Well, for the early 80s I'm sure they were revolutionary, but for this decade they're a joke and most people under the age of 15 wouldn't really get it. Personally I'm hoping that they will re-release the old one around the same time the new one comes out on DVD. That way all the fans who want to see the original will be able to without tracking down their nerdy 30 year old friends....

Anywho, here is a preview for Tron and Tron Legacy, this way you can compare them. I would definitely recommend the new Tron movie for anyone debating.

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