Sunday, February 27, 2011

Let's Go to Japan vs. Italian Rain

I've been seriously contemplating participating in a Study Abroad program, and after attending a conference to fish out some information at the U, I feel like it might actually be a strong possibility. I would like to go Fall of 2012, assuming I bring my GPA back up to where it should be in the first place....And assuming I can save enough money to get out there.
In all my pondering of Study Abroad throughout my school years, I have always had Japan as the number one place I would like to go; however, after attending that conference at the U, I am starting to feel really good about going to Italy. I would still absolutely love to go to Japan, but the more I think about Italy, the better of a decision it seems. Still, it's been a toss-up for a while. I still haven't completely decided, but learning Italian for my major would probably be better than Japanese, and I have every intention of learning Japanese regardless. Plus, I've already traveled to 2 Asian countries, while I've been to absolutely no European countries. I know it will be a whole different cultural ballpark.

So for now, I'm still on the fence, but I'm definitely leaning toward Italy.

The ultimate decision. Japan or Italy? Japan?......or Italy?..........


or Italy?

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