Friday, December 3, 2010

I Don't Wanna Dance

The title is a lie. I always want to dance, but I had to stick with my theme of having most of my titles be song names. MOST of my titles, not all of them. I will permit no snarky comments about how a select few of them are not songs titles. Get over it.

I have been buying music on iTunes like craaazy and I'm very pleased with the investment. Genius is my new best friend. I've discovered a bunch of random artists that I really quite like.

Onto the topic of this post. I have no topic. Today is just ONE OF THOSE DAYS. I've done a few things lately that should've stressed me out quite a bit, but they didn't. Turns out all the stress had just been waiting until everything was over and settled before it reared its ugly head and knocked me into total life exhaustion. BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.

I've gotten most of my christmas shopping done and now I just have to wrap everything, so kudos to myself. I've finally started to settle into my job, but I'm hesitant to say that because as soon as I do you know something totally freaky will happen. The group I've been in charge of is singing at the church Christmas party absurdly early tomorrow morning, so if anything is gonna go wrong then it's too late to fix, muahahaha. I've started getting used to my new calling as primary chorister, and the kids are very quickly picking up the new song we've been teaching. So more or less now is the time I should be the least stressed. I play it off as one of those situations where you feel all week like you're gonna get sick, but you don't get sick until the weekend because your brain knows you're too busy to get sick until the weekend. My brain knew I was too busy to be stressed, so now I'm just dealing with the aftermath. Good and bad. Yawn.

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