Wednesday, November 24, 2010

So What

Woooow......I love my sister and my mom, but sometimes when we're all in the room together I feel like I'm going to scream. We all have the same bad habits when we talk, but I have to admit that I've been working on not interrupting and talking over other people CONSTANTLY. I still do it. I'm not gonna deny it, I do it all the time. But it minorly drives me nuts when there are 3 of us doing it at once. I can't get either of them to SHUSH!! And I tend to make both of them angry because they always misunderstand. I start to say something and they interupt, then some part of their brain registers part of what I said and the whole thing is ridiculously out of context and gets blown out of proportion. So I'd like to take a moment to clear up a few misconceptions we seem to have had.

-No Ashley, I'm not pregnant. Nor will I be pregnant until AFTER I'm married.
-No Ashley, I will not ACTUALLY smother your rabbit. I'm not a crazy psychopath, that was sarcasm thank you very much.
-No Mom, I'm not criticizing you. It was actually a compliment, but thanks for taking it that way. The one sided argument added so much to the beauty of my comment...
-No Mom, I'm not actually talking about you. Yes you did throw a temper tantrum and stomp out of the room, but I got over it. I was talking about something that has absolutely no relation to you, but you yelling 'I CAN HEAR YOU TALKING ABOUT ME' from the other room really made you seem mature.

I'm being a brat, I know, but I'm bothered. Rawr. I'll get over it. I have my fair share of annoying traits and immaturity. It's just so exhausting to be misunderstood all the time and have to participate in so many absurdly loud 'conversations' where everybody gets mad.

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Kristie Lynne said...


And you sarcastically joked about smothering a rabbit?

Awesome. Hahaah.