Monday, November 22, 2010

The Infamous CatDragon

I have wanted a cat ever since I was old enough to develop my own opinions. Throughout elementary school I was always asked which I preferred more, cats or dogs? Having grown up surrounded by dog lovers I naturally picked dogs as my first choice. My life's goal was to own a dog and I always begged my parents to let me have one.
In retrospect it would have been fun to have a dog, but I'm awfully grateful to my parents for never letting me have one. As the years went by and I made do with my hamsters and fish, I came to realize how much I love cats. I really only just barely put up with dogs. I can't stand them licking me and getting their cold fur all over me. They're always messy. Clean yourself for once Senor Rufus. Don't get me wrong, dogs are fun and I quite enjoy them if they're clean and slober-free, but that rarely happens.
Cats, on the other hand, bathe themselves all the time. They shed, of course, but they don't smell like poo and dirt and they don't slobber all over my face. They are sassy and mean and lazy and I love it. My Aunt and Uncle have a cat that I have often suspected of watching me for signs of fellow demonic behavior. Seriously, that cat is creepy sometimes. I love it. I can go a whole day at their house babysitting without seeing it once, then when the kids are in bed I'll turn around and find it sitting in the doorway watching me. That cat has infinitely more patience than I do. It will sit upright and stare at me for hours. It was disturbing at first, but after a while it was just plain impressive. It ignored me unless I got close, which caused hissing and biting. That is, until I accidentally stepped on it. Now it loves me.
Cats are backwards. The worse you treat them and the more you ignore them, the more they love you. I think that's kind of fun. It's a pet that uses its owner for convenience only and makes for a good mini lap warmer. I want.

I have decided over the course of the last few years that one day I will own 2 cats. One will be black and will be named Sega. I've had this name picked out for a while now and I'm very happy with it.

The other cat will be orange and will be named CatDragon. He will be fed sheep from Logan and be hidden from the general population, as his awesomeness would be too overwhelming for the common man.

I am conflicted, however, because I really like black cats with white stomachs. I just think that pure black cats are so pretty. It's a tough decision.

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