Monday, January 23, 2012

Respect Conventions or SUFFER

There is an enormously in depth discussion I could get into about when it is and is not appropriate to follow social conventions. It's kind of a hot topic right now. I was thinking about it while walking on campus today and I had this thought - if you can't respect certain social conventions, at least respect the fact that I DO.

This was not brought on by some deep and prevalent social issue. I really just want people to walk on the correct side of the sidewalk. Or hall. Or stairs. It's easy, really. Just do it. It's silly to get in EVERYBODY'S way and bug the crap out of people. Seriously. Maybe I am being petty, but grumble grumble grumble......the fact that I was literally stopped on the stairs because there were too many people going the wrong way causing was a traffic jam is not okay. Maybe being stopped for a second, I get that. There are a bajillion people. But when the flow of people is brought to a complete standstill? Someone is doing something silly. And by silly I mean stupid.

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Larissa said...

At first I read, "Maybe I am being pretty, but..."
Ha...then I realized you said "petty." But you are so pretty:-)