Friday, October 1, 2010

Learn to Live

There are many things I would love to learn to do before I go back to school next fall. I saw a post today on Yes and Yes, my favorite blog to stalk when I'm bored. The post said 'Learn to make yourself happy.' Now I've never particularly thought of myself as an unhappy person, but heaven knows everybody could certainly use a boost to make them even happier. So along this vein, I've thought of a few new things to learn in order to make myself a merrier me.

1-Learn to speak a new language. I've had my eye on this one for YEARS, but I've just never gotten around to it. It's time for me to suck it up and actually put some effort into it. I want to get RosettaStone, but it's just so pickin' expensive. That aside, I'm also having a hard time deciding what language to learn first. I know Spanish would probably be the most useful, but I think I would like to learn Latin or Italian first. I would definitely love to do Japanese or Mandarin Chinese, but I don't think I should try for a language with such a different writing system. At least at first. One day I'm gonna be pro and speak all of them. I'm a Linguist. It's what I do.

2-Learn to be more impulsive. I am not a very impulsive person. Because of this, I have missed a lot of great opportunities to have fun. It's something I've always worked on and truth be told, I've improved drastically. However, I still have a hard time acting on my own impulses. If I'm sitting at home one night and I want to go to a movie, I should just go. Should I be bothered that no one can come with me? Maybe. Should I let it stop me? NO!

3-Learn to be comfortable with dating. This will be hard....but worth it!

4-Learn to take a stand....LOUDLY. If I really disagree with something that is directly affecting me, I will always say as much. However, if I disagree with something that is far away, I have a hard time not pulling out the usual excuses. 'It's not my problem.' 'Someone else with more resources will take care of it.' Things like that. I have strong opinions but I hate listening to people who can't agree to disagree. I am more than happy to talk to someone with different life views than me if they're willing to respect my own. But if I meet a person who is defensive and close-minded about what they believe, I pretty much just ignore that part of them. I shouldn't though. I'm not saying I should run around proclaiming myself, but I shouldn't stay silent either. If someone asks my opinion, I should give it (tactfully, of course) and not just shrug it off. Also, if there is something I don't like about my life/the world, I should try to fix it instead of waiting for later. I have the common mindset 'I will fix it later when I have the means.' Wrong. I will start now so that when I have the means I will know what to do with them.

5-Learn to be patient. I have no patience with stupid people. I should work on that.

6-Learn to speak better. I have pretty decent speaking skills, but that's not good enough for me. I will get better with practice, but that's assuming I actually bother to practice. I have great things to say and I usually think them out first, but once I start speaking I tend to skip over important parts. I say enough that the meaning is still clear, but the power of the things I say is diminished.

7-Learn to put forth the effort first. I have great friends and great opportunities, but I usually sit around and wait for them to come to me. It's my turn to start planning things, to start putting myself out there and getting in contact with that certain teacher at the university or the leader of a group I want to join. I need to do the work, because if I leave it to someone else it will never get done.

8-Learn to be a ninja. Duh.

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